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High Heels
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Peggy in Half Lotus

Peggy's Downward Facing Dog in beginning stages of her yoga practice.

Peggy Wen Downward Facing Dog
Peggy Wen in Adho Muhka Savanasana (Downard Facing Dog)

Peggy's Story:

"I am a fan of high heels and I used to wear them every day. Putting them on instantly made me feel more confidant. I did not realize how much they were hurting my body and throwing off my alignment until I started my yoga practice. A little more than two years ago I started doing yoga. I was so shocked at how tight my hamstrings and toe muscles were. I had the hardest time in some of the most basic level I poses such as Downward Facing Dog and even Mountain Pose--I would get painful Charlie Horses. In Downward Facing Dog I was up on my tippy toes and thought I would never be able to get my heels to touch the ground. It was like I was wearing invisible 3-inch spike high heels because my heels were so far from the floor. If I tried to pull them down to the floor, the Charlie Horses would start. I knew I had a serious problem when I was Charliei-Horsing even during Mountain Pose. After discussing my problem with Monica, I realized I had to stop wearing heels every day if I wanted to begin the healing process in my feet and hamstrings. Even though I love my heels, I have resorted to only wearing them on special occasions. Furthermore, because of my yoga practice I was able to finally accomplish what I thought was unthinkable...Downward Facing Dog with my heels completely flat on the floor! It took me two years to get where I am but it was worth the time and effort. Yoga allowed me to discover my tight spots and through my practice, heal my body." 

. . . Peggy Wen