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High Heels
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Ila Marks in DownDog

Ms. Marks in Downward Facing Dog Pose

K.A. Marks

Ms. Marks' Story:

I had always been an active person. I decided to hike the Grand Canyon “Tour de Force” 9 miles down and 9 miles up in just two days. I had no idea that I would afterward have to put up with so much pain as a result of the hike. When walking even short distances it would cause great pain in the balls of my feet. I could only wear certain shoes. My doctor administered a cortisone injection into the bone. This helped greatly. However after two months the pain was right back. I decided to try yoga classes with Monica and as I worked through the discomfort, my feet got better and better. Today I am still improving. I can now once again take long walks over many miles and I can now wear the shoes I want. Thanks to “down dog” and to my instructor, Monica.

. . . K. A. MARKS