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Yoga Student

Aurora Jernigan

Aurora's Story:

"Yoga has played a tremendous role of healing in my life. I want to share my journey so that others may find hope and encouragement. I started practicing yoga about a year ago, attending Monica Mathew's class at a health club in LaVerne.

At that point I had just moved to LA as the result of a divorce. I was struggling to feel safe in my own skin and to find my own identity again. These circumstances, coupled with an ongoing battle with anorexia and bulimia left me feeling very sick emotionally, spiritually and of course, physically.

I’ll never forget the first few classes I attended, because I had such a strong and unexpected emotional reaction. I intended to go and work on my fitness and instead encountered so much more in her class. I found myself straining to hold back streams of tears in child’s pose and goddess pose. At first I was startled and embarrassed but I kept returning because I knew I was somehow receiving healing. These simple poses were doing more for me than years of counseling had been able to. I still occasionally feel strong emotions rise up within certain poses or meditational moments, but these waves no longer startle me because I am more in tune with them.

Yoga has more than anything helped me to connect my mind and body together as one. Engaging in food restriction makes a person ignore their body’s signals and needs. Engaging in bingeing, is disconnecting your mind from your body and suppressing emotions, rather than looking at them honestly and with kindness. Engaging in purging, one is violently attacking their body with no regard to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual consequences. Learning to focus on the breath (Ujjayi) as a life-giving force from within, learning to feel grounded and stable in balances, learning the value of feeling strong and present in each pose has healed me from the inside out. My life now is more stable, honest, and peaceful is has ever been. I am in full recovery ending a SEVEN YEAR BATTLE with eating disorders! Statistics say one in three women struggles with eating disorders at some point in their life. I share this in honesty and with love in my heart, to encourage others. Yoga truly has healing just for you, whatever battles you face. I know that with an open heart and dedication, you will find yoga uniquely fits your own journey.”

Aurora Jernigan