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Pilgrim Place Resident
and Yoga Student


Nancy Wen and Monica
Nancy Cooney in Hurdler Pose

Nancy Wen in Crow position

Nancy Cooney in Downward Dog Pose

Carpal Tunnel

Click on the image above for an enlarged view and information about the benefits of yoga for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.


"In July 2000, I broke my hip and wrist, just a month after learning that I had osteoporosis. My hip healed normally, but I developed RSD ( Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) in my hand. It was my writing hand that was weak, painful when writing, sensitive to cold and touch. I was unable to stretch my hand out completely or to make a fist.

Six months ago, I began yoga practice with Monica twice a week and fit in a third session a week with another instructor. It was a joy to experience my body getting stronger and more flexible. It was a surprise to find that my hand can spread flat and hold my weight (in downward dog). It was a shock to notice that the diagnosis of "permanent RSD condition" has disappeared! I also learned that my bones have gotten stronger so that I no longer are in the osteoporosis category but osteopenia, a less serious bone loss diagnosis.

Thanks, Monica for your upbeat classes, your tough challenges and your enthusiasm for my improvement."

. . . Nancy Cooney, age 67, testimony given June 2004