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Arm Stength
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Nancy and Monica in Boat
Student Nancy Wen and Monica in Navasana (Boat Pose)

Nancy Wen in Crow Pose
Wen Family 2006
Nancy Wen in Bakasana (Crow Pose)
The Wen Family, Peggy (Sister)- Lucy (Mom) - Nancy

Nancy's Story:

"When I first saw Monica do this pose (The Crow) during class, I thought, 'She’s gotta be kidding me!' My upper body strength was practically nonexistent before I started yoga. I couldn’t even do one pull up or push up if my life depended on it. After practicing for several weeks in class, I eventually got both feet off the ground. I felt such an accomplishment and joy. Yoga has not only helped develop my arm strength, it improved my body image inside and out.

Through yoga classes, I have discovered the strength of my body. I look forward to conquering new poses and perfecting the basic ones." . . . Nancy Wen

Update 2010!

Nancy is now graduated from YogaPoser and is a certified yoga teacher. In addition she married Edward Chan and in June of 2010 gave birth to Olivia Wen Chan.

Baby Olivia