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IMPORTANT! Before beginning your exercise program, talk with your doctor to make sure you do not have any obstetric or health condition that would limit your activity. Variations and modifications of the postures must take into account the needs and restrictions of the individual. Detailed guidelines are available at The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. We encourage you read through this important and informative resource.


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#1 Staff Pose: Begin sitting and warm your body with several cleansing breaths. Lift arms overhead as you breath strong Ujjayi, raising and lowering your arms with the breath, legs extended in front, crown of the head lifted. Prenatal Practice Session#2 Seated Forward Bend: Lengthening your back and reaching the crown of your head toward your toes, keep broadening across your upper back and resist the temptation to slump over. Your hands rest alongside your legs. Open your legs as much as you need to allow space for your belly.

#3 & 4: Pick up your right leg and rock it back and forth. Left leg is straight and presses down. Switch sides. #5 Cobbler Pose: Soles of feet together, hands hold feet together (bind), head and shoulders lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in the groin, hip and back of waist.

#6 & 7: Forward bend, with one knee bent, and your foot on the inside of the opposing thigh. Switch legs.

#8: Lay on your back, knees bent. #9 Fish: Use your arms to prop up your chest and lift your sternum (breastbone) upwards, curl your shoulders back. If there is any pressure on the neck or back, then prop a bolster under your back for support. #10 Bridge Pose: Lie on back, knees bent hip-width apart, tilt pubic bone up, contract thigh muscles, buttocks, and hips to left buttocks off floor. You may use a yoga block or bolster to help support your back.

#11: Hug knees, rock from side to side. #12 Happy Baby Pose: Bend knees, reach hands up to hold arches of feet (big toes, ankles), continue to separate knees wider as you draw them down to the sides of the ribs. Hold pose 10 breaths.

#13: Straighten legs to face ceiling, cross ankles and roll up to sit on your bottom. #14 & 15 Cross Leg Pose with a Twist: Gently turn from the waist and rib cage over the right thigh and look over right shoulder blade. Slowly reverse to the left.

#16 & 17: Reclining spinal twist. Bend knees, arms perpendicular to torso, palms flat on floor. Slowly lower knees to the left side until they touch the floor, or if back is tight, lower them onto a pillow. Contract waist muscles to lift legs back to center and repeat twist on the right side.

#18 Reclining Cobbler Pose: This opens the groin. Let soles of feet touch and arms relax over head with elbows bent. If hips are tight, you may support each thigh with pillows.

#19 Relaxation - Starfish Pose: Legs wide apart, feet roll out, arms stretch out perpendicular to torso. Relax all the muscles in your body while your breath releases all tension. Rest here 5 minutes.