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IMPORTANT! Before beginning your exercise program, talk with your doctor to make sure you do not have any obstetric or health condition that would limit your activity. Variations and modifications of the postures must take into account the needs and restrictions of the individual. Detailed guidelines are available at The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. We encourage you read through this important and informative resource.


Session 1 2 3 4

Always begin your session with some warming breaths through the nostrils (called Ujjayi and pronounced oo-jai-ee). Raise your arms overhead for the inhale and lower them to your sides for the exhale.You may do some shoulder rolls and neck rolls for some extra preparation for your session.
Prenatal Practice Session
Follow the sequence in number order.

Use Corpse pose #1 as a quieting pose. This sequence is especially good for hip opening. Rock from side to side #2 and #3.

#5 squeeze knees in and allow plenty of space for your tummy between the knees. Use your lower abdominals contraction to support you as raise your head off floor. Breathe 3 counts and return head to floor.

#6 & #8: alternating leg hugs. Contract abdominals while drawing knee in.

#12 & #14: Rock your leg back and forth warming the hip joint and opening space and awareness in groin, thigh and low lock.

#13 & #15: if your leg is very stiff and hamstrings are tight then use a belt to hook over your arch of foot and open the leg only as far as your muscles tell you it is ok. Never force a straight leg. You may also hold your leg behind the knee or thigh and keep knees softly bent.

#16 only open as far as hamstrings allow comfortably (you may put a bolster or pillow in front of your chest and lean on it for support. Always spend the last few minutes of your session in quietness and calming breathing.