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IMPORTANT! Before beginning your exercise program, talk with your doctor to make sure you do not have any obstetric or health condition that would limit your activity. Variations and modifications of the postures must take into account the needs and restrictions of the individual. Detailed guidelines are available at The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. We encourage you read through this important and informative resource.


Session 1 2 3 4

Always begin your session with some warming breaths through the nostrils (called Ujjayi and pronounced oo-jai-ee). Raise your arms overhead for the inhale and lower them to your sides for the exhale.You may do some shoulder rolls and neck rolls for some extra preparation Basic Session 1for your session.

Follow the sequence in number order.

When you get to #2, and especially if you have tight hamstrings or are feeling discomfort from low back stress or are in your 3rd trimester, you may modify the pose by putting your hands on your shins or thighs for extra support.

In #3 when your feet won’t touch the floor with heels down, roll a towel and place it under your heels for support. Be “mindful” of your knees and never enter this full squat if you have pre-existing “issues” with your knees. Do ½ squat instead.

You may repeat 4, 5, and 6 several times. In #8 make sure your hands are fully on your buttocks for support. Keep chest opening and be “mindful” of your neck. Never pinch the cervical (neck) spine or force the head back.

For #11 sit on some books or if you have a yoga block, sit on it for extra support for tight knees ankles or feet. #12 and #13 twists must be done slowly with gentle turns. Listen to your back and waist muscles and never force the twist too deeply. #15 and #16 leave lots of room for your baby and use your arms to support your torso.  #18 Rocking from side to side and back and forth gently (and never onto your cervical spine (neck) is wonderful relief for your back, hips and thighs. #19 fish pose is a supported backbend. Be sure to open the chest and again be very mindful of the cervical spine. Spend a few moments after the session in meditation. Breath deeply, quieting your minds. Focusing on the stillness within and the health and joy of the new life within.